kindergarten vocabulary words with pictures

Printable kindergarten vocabulary words list

These kindergarten vocabulary words, pdf printable contain the elementary vocabularies for toddlers. Just like the Spanish Vocabulary Words, Kindergarten Vocabulary Words is an introduction to the basics of language. Without these words, further learning is impossible to achieve.

Teaching kindergarten vocabulary words with pictures makes them easy to learn, pronounce, and commit to memory. Our list consists of some simple kindergarten science vocabulary words and general words we use every day for basic communication.

Kindergarten Vocabulary Words

  1. AGE: The number of years a person or animal has lived.
  2. BURST: To cause something to break open suddenly.
  3. CARE: To keep something in a good condition; efforts to make someone or something feel safe and healthy.
  4. DELICIOUS: Enjoyable and pleasing; having a pleasant taste.
  5. EDGE: The part where an object begins or ends.
  6. FEAR: To be afraid and worried about someone or something.
  7. FIX: To make something work properly again after damage; to deal with a problem.
  8. GENTLE: Having a quiet and kind nature.
  9. HEALTHY: The quality of not feeling sick or injured; maintaining good health.
  10. INVITATION: To encourage or ask someone to perform a task or objective
  11. KNIGHT: An high-ranking soldier in the past who wears armor and rides a horse for battles.
  12. LAZY: Not liking to work hard; not having or doing much activity.
  13. MELT: To change something from a solid-state to a liquid state by applying heat.
  14. MONTH: Any one of the 12 parts into which the year is divided into.
  15. NOTE: To write or say something; to pay attention to something.
  16. PACE: The speed at which an object, thing, or person moves.
  17. PLAN: Something that a person wants to do.
  18. RACE: To compete in a running competition against someone.

These 18-words are great vocabulary starters for kids in kindergarten. It is a solid foundation for further learning.


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