analogies examples for kids

Best analogies examples for kids

In its simplest form, an analogy refers to the comparison of two objects or things based on their similarities. The objects being compared usually have clear similarities while sometimes they are quite different from each other but have some linking attributes. An analogy is using an object to explain another object based on their likeliness.

We make use of analogies daily. We refer to them as idioms or figures of speech. Analogies are great learning tools for kids. It makes learning the similarities between words easier and smoother for them. Kids learn best through the use of images. Just like idioms for kids, they improve logical reasoning skills

For example, John knows what hate is but he is not familiar with the word dislike. An analogy will compare hate to dislike, making it easy for John to remember and commit to memory the meaning of the word ‘dislike’.

Analogies Examples for Kids

There are a lot of analogies examples for kids, only the most relevant ones have been selected. All words and things can be explained by using an analogy. By comparing two objects, the similarities and meaning become clear. The analogies worksheets for kids is just what they need to make meaning of new words and concepts.

Examples of Word Analogies

This type of analogy is the simplest to learn for kids. It is the comparison of two words side by side to show their relationship. They are common learning tests for Kids standardized Grammar Tests. Examples of word analogies include:

Tree: Leaf :: Flower: Petal

It is written as “tree is to leaf as a flower is to petal”.

This analogy shows the relationship between these two concepts. A leaf is to a tree what petal is to a flower.

In a test, one part is intentionally left blank and kids are asked to fill in the gap:

____ : Leaf:: Flower: Petal


Another Example:

Sheep : Lamb :: Fowl : _______

To find the missing word, you have to first identify the relationship between the known words (Sheep : Lamb). Sheep is the adult animal while Lamb is the baby animal. Once you discover this, the missing word becomes clearer. The answer is the baby animal for fowl which is chick.

Sheep: Lamb :: Fowl : _________

There is no limit to the number of words for comparison. Everything is comparable, all it takes is to find the relationship. Here are some other examples of word analogies:

  • Short : Dark :: Tall : Light
  • Like: Dislike :: Love: Hate
  • Up : Down :: High : Low
  • Pen : Writer :: Hoe : Farmer
  • Chef : Food :: Plumber : Pipes
  • Speak : Sing :: Walk : Dance
  • Window : House :: Door : Mansion
  • Dog : Puppy :: Pig : Piglet
  • Night : Moon :: Day : Sun
  • Bird : Feather :: Sheep :: Wool
  • Oven : Hot :: Fridge : Cold
  • Write : Wrote : Lie : Lied
  • Car : Fuel :: Aeroplane : Diesel
  • Boat : River :: Car : Road
  • Frown : Smile :: Ugly : Pretty
  • Mammal : Man :: Reptile : Lizard
  • Fruit : Cherry :: Vegetable : Spinach
  • Cooking : Kitchen :: Sleeping : Bedroom
  • Act : Actor :: Draw : Artist
  • Scissors : Cut :: Biro : Write
  • Ear : Sound :: Nose : Aroma
  • Track : Athletic :: Swimming Pool : Swimming
  • Court : Tenis :: Field : Football
  • Ball : Football :: Egg : Tennis
  • Frying : Egg :: Boiling : Water
  • Man : Women :: Nephew : Niece
  • Aunt : Uncle :: Grand mother : Grandfather
  • Snail : Crawl :: Toad : Hop
  • Soccer : Referee :: Baseball : Umpire
  • Pack : Wolf :: School : Fish
  • School : Student :: Office : Worker
  • Dry : Desert :: Wet : Ocean
  • Eat : Hungry :: Sleep : Tired

The above examples make analogies learning for kids easy. Kids relate to new words and their meanings better with analogies. It also boosts their logical reasoning skills.

The Relationship between Analogy, Metaphor, and Simile

They all have striking resemblance but they are not the same. Analogy, Metaphor, and Simile compare two things together. Metaphor and Smile are figures of speech while the analogy is not a figure of speech but used for making logical arguments.


We extract most of our analogies from the figure of speech ‘Simile’. A simile compares two things using words such as “as” and “like”. For example:

  • Simile: As Stubborn as a Goat, as brave as a lion
  • Word Analogy: Stubborn : Goat :: Brave : Lion


It compares two things directly without using comparison words such as “as” and “like”. We can also extract word analogies from Metaphor. For example:

  • Metaphor: He is a diamond in rough.
  • Word Analogy: Diamond : Rough

These analogies for kids are vital keys to understanding new words and meanings. Analogies find connections between words and emphasizes it for kids and general learning.

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