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8th Grade English Spelling Words list

Spelling lists help build a student’s vocabulary. It boosts their confidence and expression. They do not just learn how to write new words but also when to use them in their speech. Here’s an 8th Grade Spelling words worksheet which is full of both easy to learn and hard words to test and improve their vocabulary. The worksheet is not quite the Master Vocabulary pack but it is an inch higher than the spelling words for 7th grader. They are preparatory words for the next learning phase (the 9th grade).

8th Grade Spelling Words Worksheet

































































  1. IDENTIFY: The ability to know, recognize, and say who someone is or what something is.
  2. ADMIRAL: A high rank in the navy for commissioned officers ranked above the Vice-Admiral.
  3. ADVANTAGE: The gain or benefit of doing something; a desirable quality that makes someone or something more likely to succeed or better.
  4. BEGINNING: the starting point an event or situation begins; the first part of someone or something
  5. USUALLY:  To do something regularly or most of the time.
  6. SWEET: Pleasing to the taste buds; to describe a likable and kind character; very attractive, lovely or good offer
  7. ARCTIC: A very cold condition; relating to the North Pole or the regions around it.
  8. ACCURACY: The ability to perform a task successfully without making any error or mistake in the process.
  9. OUTRAGEOUS: Very surprising and unusual; a shocking and wrong act that causes anger; to go beyond what is usual
  10. SLEEPINESS: To feel tired and about to fall asleep; lack of activity.
  11. EXPIRE: The end of something or something; to no longer be valid after a while.
  12. ACCESS: Permission to do, enter, and use something; freedom to do what you want.
  13. JUDICIOUS: The ability to exercise or show good or sound judgment on something or somebody.
  14. PERSUASIVE: The ability to make someone do something or believe something.
  15. ADHESIVE: A substance capable of making things stick together; the tendency to stick to something.
  16. CONVENTIONAL: Common or ordinary, beliefs accepted by most people because it has been around for a long time.
  17. ARRANGED: To accuse someone of wrongdoing; to state the crime of an offender before a court headed by a Judge
  18. RESPIRATION: The process of breathing in living things (inhaling and exhaling oxygen).
  19. SURVEILLANCE: To keep a close eye or watch over someone or something especially for criminal offenses.
  20. INAUDIBLE:  Impossible or difficult to hear.
  21. SARCASTIC: Ability to use words to mean the opposite of what you say; using or showing sarcasm.
  22. OMINOUS: The feeling or suggestion that someone had will happen in the future.
  23. ACCORD: To agree or give special status to someone or something
  24. UNNATURAL: Not normal or real; different from how it is supposed to be in a way that is wrong or disturbing
  25. PRESCRIBE:  To officially tell someone what to use as a treatment or remedy.
  26. IMPROVEMENT:  The act of making someone or something better than you meet it; the quality of becoming better than you were; a change usually positive that makes something more valuable or better
  27. ALLERGIC: Reacting negatively (body reactions) to something that others do not react to; having a strong feeling of not liking something.
  28. PREVENTION: The act of stopping something bad from happening; the act of hindering someone or something.
  29. DROWNED: To die by staying underwater for too long; to put something fully into a body of water.
  30. DISPOSABLE: To be used only a few or several times and thrown away.
  31. PERSPIRE: To produce liquid from your skin when you are nervous or hot
  32. MIRACLE: An extraordinary feat or achievement that is amazing and hard to believe
  33. BASICALLY: To do or say something in a simple way

That’s a whole lot of 8th grade spelling words hard for 8th graders! They are preparatory words and a good foundation to learn more difficult spelling words. With this 8th grade spelling words pdf, passing the spelling words test for 8th graders is not a problem.

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