3rd grade spelling words master list

3rd Grade Spelling words list you should know

This 3rd grade spelling words master list is the ideal learning resource to build the vocabulary of third graders. It contains both easy and challenging 3rd grade spelling words list. We use these words every day or regularly. These words are confident boosters and help kids to write, communicate, and express themselves better. With these words, they can attempt 5th grade spelling words and score a decent grade!

3rd grade spelling words list

  1. ABOUT: Very close to doing something; nearly or almost.
  2. ACROSS: On the opposite side of someone or something, from one side to the other
  3. AFRAID: To be full of concern, fear or regret for something or someone
  4. AFTERNOON: The part of the day between morning and evening.
  5. AGE: The number of years or amount of time a thing (living or non-living) has lived.
  6. AGO: Before now; in the past.
  7. ALMOST: Close to but not exact; only a little less than.
  8. ALSO: In a similar way; in addition to.
  9. ANYONE: Any person of any kind.
  10. ANYTHING: A thing of any kind.
  11. BALLOON: A thin rubber bag that expands when it is filled with gas or air.
  12. BASKET: A container for keeping items made by weaving long thin pieces of materials together
  13. BEAR: An animal that has thick hair and sharp claws and can stand straight on two like a person; to accept or endure something or someone.
  14. BEHIND: In or towards the back; in the place that someone is going away from.
  15. BIRTHDAY: The day when someone was born that is celebrated every year.
  16. BLIND: Unable to see someone or something; accepting something or someone without asking questions
  17. BODY: The whole physical part of a person or animal.
  18. BOX: A rectangular container for storing items.
  19. BREAD: A common food made from mixing flour and water, eaten all over the world.
  20. BUILD: To make something by putting together parts or materials.
  21. CARRY: To change the position of something by holding it; to take a thing along with you or on your body.
  22. CATCH: To hold a moving person or something with the hand; to stop an individual or thing from moving.
  23. CHANGE: To become something different, to make something or someone different.
  24. CHEESE: A food containing compressed milk.
  25. CHERRY: A small round fruit that is usually red or black; the tree on which this fruit grows.
  26. CIRCUS: A lively show that is performed in a tent, and includes tricks by clowns, trained animals, acrobats, etc., and draws a large crowd.
  27. CLASS: A group of students who meet regularly to be taught a subject or activity.
  28. CLEAR: Easily understood; very obvious.
  29. CLIMB: To move or go up something using your feet and often your hands; movement that involves going up or down.
  30. COLOR: The basic image quality in the form of light you see when you look at a thing.
  31. DINNER: The main meal of the day; a large formal event where this meal is served.
  32. DOCTOR: A trained professional that treats sick and injured people.
  33. DOLLAR: The basic unit of money spent in the United States, Australia, Canada, and other countries.
  34. DONE: To finish a task.
  35. DRIVING: To cause or control something to move.
  36. EASY: Not hard to do.
  37. EYES: The part of the body that you can see with.
  38. FINISH: To reach the end of something; to cause something to end or stop.
  39. FOOD: The things that people and animals eat.
  40. GIFT: A special present or packing given to someone by somebody; a special ability.
  41. GUESS: To form an opinion or give an answer to something when you do not know much or anything about it.
  42. HALF: One or two equal or nearly equal parts into which something can be divided.
  43. HEAVY: Having great weight; difficult to lift or move.
  44. HELLO: An expression used as a form of greeting
  45. KEY: A metal object for opening the lock of a door.
  46. LAMB: A young sheep; the meat of a lamb.
  47. LAUGH: A facial expression you make to show that you are pleased and happy or to a remark at something amusing and funny.
  48. MORNING: The early part of the day; the part of the day between midnight and noon.
  49. NEWSPAPER: A set of paper packed together as one that has news about various topics such as sports, business, crime, local events, etc., and sold on a daily or weekly basis
  50. NOISE: A loud sound that is not pleasing to the ears.

The 3rd grade spelling words pdf  is a list of 50 words for kids to add to their vocabulary. They are all carefully selected words to build the vocabulary of 3rd graders.


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