11th grade spelling words quizlet

Best list of words for 11th grade Student

The 11th grade spelling words with definitions are a lovely addition to your teens’ to-do list. It is worth their time. They are a level above the 10th grade spelling words. These new words and their meanings are what they need to pass any 11th grade spelling words Quizlet. They are words they will likely encounter in other school subjects. Learning them now is an early boost to their studies.

11th Grade Spelling Words with Definitions

  1. ABSTRACT: Relating to ideas or qualities rather than specific objects, people, or actions.
  2. ACCOLADE: An award to praise or celebrate an achievement.
  3. BIASED: Showing a willingness to believe that somebody or something is better than others in an unfair way.
  4. BREVITY: Using a few words to express yourself or something; lasting for only a short time.
  5. CALLOUS: Not showing or feeling any empathy or concern about the situation of other people.
  6. CENSURE: An official strong criticism.
  7. DEPRECIATE: To reduce in value.
  8. DESPOT: A person or ruler who wields total or a lot of power over others and often uses the powers for personal and selfish benefit.
  9. EDIFICE: A large building with impressive structures.
  10. ERRONEOUS: A grave error; not correct.
  11. FORMIDABLE: Very difficult to deal with; large or impressive in size; very powerful and strong, and deserving of respect and attention.
  12. FRIVOLOUS: Not important or deserving of attention; silly and not serious.
  13. GRUELING: Very difficult to do; needing a lot of effort.
  14. HAPHAZARD: To do something by chance without any plan, direction, or order of the sort.
  15. HERETIC: A person who teaches a doctrine that conflicts with what is the generally accepted belief.
  16. INCESSANT: Continuing with interruption; not stopping.
  17. INCITE: To spark or cause someone to act in a harmful, angry, or violent manner.
  18. JUDICIOUS: Ability to show good judgment.
  19. LAVISH: Giving or using a large amount of something; having a very rich and expensive quality.
  20. MEAGER: Very small quantity; not having enough of something for comfort.
  21. MEANDER: To move without a clear purpose, goal, or direct; to follow an indirect path instead of a straight or direct one.
  22. NEGLIGENT: To abandon your responsibilities towards someone or something; not to give proper attention and care to someone or something.
  23. OBLITERATE:  To destroy something so that nothing is left.
  24. PREREQUISITE: Something you must do before you can have or do something else.
  25. RIGOROUS:  To do something carefully and thoroughly; difficult to cope with because of strict demands.
  26. SURMISE: An idea or thought based on little or no evidence.
  27. TIRADE: A lengthy angry speech that contains harsh language.
  28. USURP: To take something you have no right to violently and forcefully.
  29. VACILLATE: To change your desires, ideas, and opinions repeatedly.
  30. WHIMSICAL: Not serious; done unusually and amusingly.

The above selected 30 words that make up this 11th grade spelling words pdf are important for all teens to know, master, and use appropriately. They can even try their luck and take the 12th grade spelling words Quizlet.


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