The books are a mainstay in the cognitive and emotional development of the smallest. Embarking on reading from childhood provides delight and pleasure and brings a magnificent cultural, scientific, and literary heritage. It is a most effective transport that brings us closer to new and interesting worlds.

Reading is a wonderful interactive process in which an important relationship is established between the text and the reader that contributes to the development of the cognitive areas of the brain and emotional development. The importance of acquiring this habit from an early age is based on its benefits when it comes to studying, acquiring knowledge, and the possibility for children to experience sensations and feelings with which they enjoy, mature and learn, laugh and dream.

The problem is that today digitization has negatively influenced reading on many occasions, not only for children. It is often common to see children entertaining themselves with tablets or smartphones from a very young age, even before they learn to read or write. Regardless of the convenience or not of this habit, it is important to take advantage of this stage in which they are eager to receive information to awaken that innate curiosity by reading a book. For example, reading it to them.


Reading in the development of children: Main benefits

So what are the benefits of reading from childhood? The first, and most obvious, is to encourage children to be good readers in the future.

In all ages, reading is a vehicle of communication that implies a series of advantages in the development of the minor, even before they learn to speak, reading can be presented through drawings and illustrations.


Enjoying a book from a young age favors the learning of words – complex and non-complex- more quickly, improves their comprehension, spelling, expression, writing, exercises their brain, and greatly stimulates their creativity and imagination. This allows them to read aloud with greater confidence and to do well in school.

Likewise, if a child enters the adventures that a book provides, it undoubtedly increases attention, memory, and concentration, acquiring the ability to listen and understand what is said more effectively.


In addition, it is clear that reading allows you to let your imagination fly, transport your child to new worlds, evolvingly climbing in a creative capacity, making him, at the same time, more aware of his own emotions and improving empathy towards others.

When children read well, they increase their active learning, and a fairly great potential arises in the future of their development, achieving that their autonomy and their involvement in their own learning process are promoted.

Reading encourages them to be interested in different areas, such as nature, history, or art, helping them discover their vocation early.


How can we act as parents, guardians, monitors, and students to promote reading in childhood?

How important is reading in personal growth

Many people who finish their secondary or university studies close that stage in their lives by putting an end to everything related to learning, in terms of courses or studies of some kind; giving up in some way, their own personal growth. Much of this situation can be understood more easily if we observe that there are not a few who study out of obligation.

However, for the development of personal growth and positive thinking, thinking that we have nothing else to learn even though we have completed a 7-year degree with a degree, denotes great arrogance, and on the other hand, it is not the smartest decision to make.

Why? Simple, carry out personal growth linked to positive thinking. It can be a combination that brings you many satisfactions and success in different areas of your life; But to do so, it is necessary to have a broad mind that will allow you to continue advancing.


Having a degree offers you specific knowledge and training on a subject; But, do not forget that everything changes and that it is always convenient to recycle or update. This can be done through courses, but also through reading.

It is not possible to feel that you are at the forefront if you have stuck with what you were taught more than 15 years ago when you finished your university studies.

Reading does not involve a significant investment; but instead, it can offer you another vision about the same topic, it can also leave you new teachings and enrich your vocabulary among other things.

All aspects are useful when it comes to maximizing your personal growth and positive thinking.


Today there are multiple ways to access free and excellent quality content to obtain the information you need through reading. Many people turn to self-help material when encountering problems that are difficult to solve.

On the other hand, studying on your own initiative, either because you need to improve yourself or because you have suddenly discovered that you have to inform yourself about a topic or because you have found a course or hobby that you want to learn, is not the same as studying out of obligation.

Motivation is different, and that is where the keys to the change you are looking for in terms of achieving greater personal growth and positive thinking lie.


The need to instruct

 Life is a path full of constant learning, that is what personal development is about whether we intend to learn or not; It is inevitable to do so, since each situation brings a lesson. Therefore, practicing reading assiduously can make it easier for us to interpret situations. The reading comprehension exercises influence how to respect. These can be taken to understand what is read, but although we may not realize it, we also exercise this understanding every time we read something.

There is no possible way to obtain personal development if we stagnate, diversity is in variety, and one way to access it is through learning through reading.

The importance of learning English in a globalized world

In the increasingly globalized and multicultural world we live in, it is hard to ignore the English language’s dominance and importance. Today it has become easier to communicate with people from other countries thanks to technology and the Internet. In addition, we have the possibility of traveling to any corner of the world with ease, either for personal fun or for work reasons.

English is practically everywhere: movies, music, video games, news, etc. But why is it so influential? Over the centuries, this language has become a “link” for communication on matters of culture, trade, and diplomacy, as well as science.

In fact, currently English is spoken by 1.5 billion people, with only about 375 million being native speakers. Learning English is no longer an “extra” skill, but an indispensable knowledge to function in multicultural environments. Therefore, here we show you the advantages of being bilingual or multilingual in a globalized world.

Advantages of learning languages

Enrich your life

Learning English allows you to expand your knowledge of the world around you, since during your learning, you will be immersed in new cultures, traditions, customs, ideologies, and perspectives that will change the way you see and understand reality.

This means that you will have greater cultural sensitivity when interacting with other people, and it will be easier for you to integrate and get used to new experiences.

Increase your social circle and confidence

Being bilingual or multilingual allows you to increase the number of people with whom you can communicate. In itself, you have the opportunity to meet people with similar tastes and thoughts to yours in different parts of the world. In addition, by speaking and understanding a second language, you will gain greater security and confidence in yourself.

Improve your mental capacity

One of the great benefits of learning languages ​​is that you increase your mental agility and attention level, since by trying to communicate in another language, you force your brain to use other areas of your mind, which means that you are actually exercising your brain. This will help you do multiple tasks or activities at the same time.

By studying a second language, you will also notice an improvement in your ability to solve problems, memorization, creativity, and learning, thus making it easier for you to learn more languages.

Open up new job opportunities

Studying English in a globalized world is a good option for your professional growth. Many multinational companies are looking for candidates who can communicate effectively in English with clients and business partners and, furthermore, are able to adapt to different multicultural environments.

Certainly, by learning languages ​​, you can get a better job position and even apply for jobs abroad.

You experience better travel experiences

If you have always dreamed of traveling the world or moving to another country, you can make it come true by knowing a second language. Normally, many people fear traveling because they cannot properly communicate or understand the language of the country they visit, but if you are bilingual, your experience will be more rewarding and enriching as you can interact without problems with the inhabitants and their culture.

7 benefits of reading

In addition, on a physiological level, it has been shown that those who actively read are capable of increasing the connectivity of their neurons.

Meanwhile, on an emotional level, it has been shown that reading – mainly fiction – increases our ability to simulate the mental state of others and to feel more empathy and understanding for others.

There are many benefits to the habit of reading. We are going to review only 7, but enough to encourage you to always have a good book at hand.

Reading is a source of experiences

Reading allows you to live new experiences. How? It is very simple, especially fiction literature has a great emotional effect on the reader, since it is capable of feeling emotions that might take decades to discover, and it helps you feel empathy for the characters with whom you identify throughout the course.

A new point of view

But, in addition to that, literature is itself a great simulator of reality. It is like a time machine that suddenly takes you to different situations and times with its particular characteristics and characters. This helps us be kinder to others because it teaches us to see the world from others’ perspectives and consider the consequences of our actions for others. It also shows us the simplicity of virtues such as kindness, generosity, and sympathy.

Interpret reality

Good literature has always been in opposition to hegemonic value systems, those that only prioritize the search for money and power. Writers line up on the opposite shore to this world view.

In this way, reading is a more than effective vehicle for interpreting the reality that surrounds us. Books help us sympathize with ideas and feelings that run counter to the world’s cynicism and hypocrisy.

Ally against loneliness

Reading is a cure for loneliness. In good books, we can find characters with whom we can identify, and with them, we discover the whole world that is described throughout the narrative.

When the book is interesting, it attracts all our attention, and loneliness simply disappears because the book becomes our best friend and companion.

See beyond

Writers help us open our hearts and minds, because they give them the tools to get rid of the paranoia and the feeling of persecution that often invades us. Reading thus becomes an escape route for those situations that sometimes overwhelm us.

A tool to cope with failure

I want to add that the literature is also very useful because it helps us better prepare for failure. Nobody wants to fail in life, but in reading, you will find tools that will allow you to recognize that failure exists and that it can be overcome to make you stronger and finally achieve the success you want.

Reading has no age

And most importantly, reading is a good habit for everyone because the benefits I mentioned before are the same regardless of the reader’s age or condition. It is clear that each age has its own preferences and needs, but the results are the same for all.

I want you to think of literature as an elixir that exists to help us live with a little more wisdom and goodness, so it doesn’t matter when or where. If you have the opportunity to read a good book, do not despise it, this is my final advice.

Online English courses: 8 benefits that this modality offers you

Nowadays, knowing how to speak in English not only provides greater academic projection and ease of finding employment, but it has practically become an obligation in the 21st century labor market. However, taking a language course involves an investment of time and money that not everyone can afford. For this reason, the online modality has made its way, considerably facilitating the learning of this language. Here are 8 benefits of learning English online:

Learn to speak English online from home

  1. Maximum accessibility

The courses online mode English with video class have the advantage of being made from anywhere. This is essential for those who live far from the city and do not have access to any language institute. In addition, studying from home is usually much cheaper than attending an academy.

  1. Flexible hours

Studying online is ideal for those who do not have a lot of free time, as it offers extremely flexible hours. Because, unlike the face-to-face courses with fixed days and times, the online system guarantees flexibility and the opportunity for you to make your own hours according to your time and availability. In addition to being able to access classes and the entire course from anywhere, home, work, or even on trips.

  1. Assured comfort

One of the most relevant benefits of learning a language through the Internet is that each student can choose how to take their classes according to their personal schedules and agenda. In addition, with the video format courses, it is possible to pause and resume as many times as necessary so as not to miss anything.

  1. Cost benefit

One of the best determining advantages when taking an online course is great value for money. As it is a virtual environment where no monthly fees and handouts are charged, but a total fixed amount, in addition to transportation, food, and other costs, it is much more affordable for those planning to become fluent in English.

  1. Novel mode

Changing the traditional way of learning a new language can be very enriching. Taking advantage of the space to ask all the questions you want, taking the time to understand every detail, not being afraid of making mistakes, and enjoying each advance, are some of the possibilities offered by these courses.

  1. Greater self-discipline

In today’s society, most people are used to getting it all done with the push of a button or the push of a button, and they forget that effort and dedication are the keys to success. In this regard, knowing that there is a person on the other side of the computer waiting for us will help develop greater commitment and discipline.

  1. Free first class

Finally, online English courses allow you to take a trial class at no cost. This feature is always very attractive to customers who are not entirely sure, since they can analyze whether they feel comfortable or not before making any investment of money.

   8. Interaction

The conversation is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to facilitate and fix English in your daily life. Therefore, during our course classes, you will have the possibility to interact with other people interested in learning to speak the language fluently.


From school, they tell us about the importance of learning languages, but it is not always easy. In the same school, in external academies or, directly, visiting a foreign country, we can work.

Now, we leave you with the 7 advantages of learning a new language in our lives, beyond opening the doors to new business opportunities.




When we begin to learn a new language, our brain’s language centers start to work and grow. The more you learn, the more areas benefit. Many researchers compare this to playing a sport, as it develops the mind and helps us improve its functioning.


As we delve into the functioning of a new language, its structure, and its grammar, we also begin to understand the mother tongue in a different way. A language that was given to us almost without realizing it, now begins to take on a new meaning, and we are able to differentiate nuances and meanings that we did not see before.


Becoming bilingual (or gradually getting closer) will lead to improved listening skills. Being exposed to new phonemes and forms of pronunciation in different languages, your brain will better discriminate all the sounds of the auditory spectrum; especially changes in speech or speeches and their intonation and intention.


When it comes to learning a new language, you must have the ability to handle a good handful of information: vocabulary, structure, concordances. This will make your memory work, especially the so-called working memory, responsible for storing information temporarily to use to process it with exercise. We will also see our attention reinforced, since our brain will focus on the task at hand (learning that language) and will limit distractions.


Knowing how other people think or build their language will help us express ourselves and be more self-critical. We will also see how others sing or give importance in their speech, so it will become an incredible tool for understanding points of view and opinions to which we were not open before.


In line with the previous point, knowing a language other than the mother tongue will fully introduce us to the culture of the countries that speak it. Concepts that exist in one language and not in another, particularities of the vocabulary, or the way of looking at the objects they speak are a great way to get into different parts of the world.


It may seem obvious enough, but learning a second language will open the doors for you to continue learning others. First, because the same thirst for knowledge and the desire to advance will lead you to seek a new challenge. Second, because the languages ​​that share roots (such as Romances or Germanic) have some similarities that you will discover and recognize perfectly.

So now you know, it is always a good time to start learning about a new language, become interested in a neighboring country and visit it as soon as we have the chance. Learning a second (or third, or fourth) language is always an interesting challenge to face.

5 reasons why English is important for your professional training

Without having a good level of English, on many occasions, a large number of job offers can be lost since a minimum knowledge of the language is required, although the requirement to handle a second language depends on the position and the profile that the company is looking, learning a new language is still important if you want to grow as a professional, get better job opportunities and be an attractive candidate for companies.

  1. The importance of English worldwide: In a world as connected and interactive as the one we live in today, English’s importance is undeniable even without being the most widely spoken language in the world.

If we look at the professional field, we see that English is spoken and read in the most important areas of working life: economy, industrial, business, international trade, health, hospitality, and tourism, among others.

There are English courses abroad that help to learn the technicalities of work environments and the most common expressions.

If you have a good level of English, your chances increase when looking for work and getting certain opportunities.

  1. It is an essential tool for your professional career: In a world as globalized as ours, in which both large-scale intercontinental relationships and small-scale interpersonal relationships acquire more and more value, since it is a diplomatic language.

At the work level, several languages’ command ​​is essential to have a more fruitful professional career. Due to companies’ increased presence in other countries and the growing migration of workers, large companies prefer to have multicultural and polyglot work teams made up of people from different countries and cultures.

  1. English, an essential requirement for most jobs: Among all languages, English is undoubtedly the most demanded as it is the second language spoken by more than a billion people. Therefore, if you want to work abroad or if you are looking for work in your country, you must be aware of the importance of English and do everything possible to achieve a good level of comprehension and expression, both oral and written.

Immersing yourself in an atmosphere of total English 24 hours a day makes you change the chip and take away the fears that we all usually have when it comes to speaking English.

  1. Learning English increases your chances of promotion: It should be noted that English serves to access a greater number of job offers and allows you to improve your situation or aspire to more important positions.
  1. The current labor market requires languages: A good training is the best bet to meet the objective of entering the world of work and, if within your training you do not contemplate learning English as a priority objective, sooner or later you may find yourself with difficulties of any kind.

It would be ideal for all people, regardless of profile or position, to learn several languages, because in a globalized world like today, where jobs are increasingly international, regardless of the sector, the mother tongue is not enough.

At Learn English we help you fulfill this dream.


We have programs for young people and adults in which interaction, participation and the experience of real life prevail. Likewise, the academic area tracks each student individually, thus providing effective learning according to their abilities, personalizing your process.

See here the benefits of reading and start practicing it as soon as possible

Through reading, it is possible to open new opportunities both in personal life and in career. Reading is an activity that brings countless benefits, because, in addition to stimulating creativity, it expands the vocabulary and knowledge of those who read.

Unfortunately, the latest survey revealed that the average American annual reading is four books, including didactics. While in countries like France, the average is 15 per citizen. That is, there are ten more books per person in a year.

These data raise a discussion about the policies to encourage reading and culture in general that are implemented in the country. Or perhaps, the lack of them.

Lack of time is the main excuse used by people who do not have the habit of reading, thinking about it, we have separated 5 benefits of regular reading, which will certainly motivate you to develop this habit.

Come on?

Decreases stress

It is scientifically proven that reading is a relaxing activity, and that it reduces stress levels. That is why reading before bed helps us to fall asleep more easily.

Despite all the problems you may have in your daily life, everything seems more distant when you read a good story.

Expands your vocabulary

It’s inevitable. The more you practice reading, the greater your contact with new words and, consequently, will add them to your daily life. Both when writing, how to speak, being confident, and being well articulated with words, are fundamental characteristics for all types of work.

Improves the ability to concentrate and memorize

Reading is a great way to train your concentration. This happens, because when you read, you end up forcing your mind not to deviate from focus so as not to lose your reasoning. For people who have difficulty concentrating, reading is a great way to exercise this skill.

Another benefit of reading is the memory capacity that the reader develops. Memory is stimulated at all times during the narrative, mainly because it challenges the reader to have to remember the main aspects of the story, the names of the characters, places, etc.

Develops your critical thinking

When reading becomes a habit, you can talk about books easily, as well as evaluate them. Say if it was well written, if the characters are well developed in the story, or even if the chronology is correct. In discussions with other readers, you can give your opinion more clearly and with more confidence.

Reading and accessing various content expands your knowledge by providing you with a new view on a certain subject. And the more knowledge you have on a topic, it will inevitably become more critical as well.

Keeps the brain active

We know that the brain is a muscle, and because it is in need of constant stimuli and exercises to stay strong and healthy. Keeping the brain active through reading, games, or word searches, for example, prevents loss of strength and decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 30%.

There are still thousands of other benefits that reading can bring us. Do not stop! Take a book now and enjoy it all. “The mind that opens up to a new idea will never return to its original state – Albert Einstein.”

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