How to Learn English Online: 8 Tips for Success

How to Learn English Online: 8 Tips for Success

You want to learn English, but you can’t always be physically present in the classroom; that’s understandable. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dream of learning English – you can always learn English online! The following tips are useful alongside a course at a school, or even if you just want to study online.

Set a goal and create a study plan

Learning a new language may seem out of reach and overwhelming, especially if you want to do it on your own. A strategy and a plan are essential to have a common thread and to be able to divide the big goal into several small ones that are achievable. In addition to guaranteeing success, this also offers the opportunity to monitor your progress and maintain a good learning pace.

One of the best ways to do that is through SMART goals. They provide a clear structure for your English learning goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, and adherable to deadlines.

For example, if your goal is simply to improve your English online, it will be difficult to achieve. Rather, a SMART goal would be to improve your level of English by one level in 12 weeks.

Follow online guides from reputable English sources

The internet is full of content that will help you learn English online. Many English schools and English learning platforms regularly post related content with useful tips, directly from teachers. Keep an eye out for such articles and use the tips along with your goals to define SMART goals for each specific goal (e.g., improving your vocabulary, learning grammar online, or improving listening skills)

Language learning apps

Another way to learn English online is with apps. Make use of all the handy apps that can help you. The first step in learning English is to download a good translation app. Find one in which you can save words and which has a “word of the day.” You can also find interactive phonemic cards to aid in pronunciation. Apps like Memrise show the right way to remember words. With Duolingo, you can practice grammar and vocabulary in games.

Read lifestyle articles or news

Most of the time, people read online these days. One way to expand your access to English is to follow news and lifestyle websites. Reading lifestyle articles in blogs or magazines is a great way to learn everyday and natural language. You will learn about various topics and improve your reading skills and vocabulary with no effort.

Watch movies and listen to audiobooks

One of the easiest ways to learn English online is to watch a movie or TV show. Another, more unusual way is to listen to audiobooks on YouTube and, for example, to accompany a book that you are reading. This way, you can hear the words being spoken and hear the natural pronunciation. When learning English, it is important that you have assignments and activities related to the content – you will not learn by just looking and listening.

Get in touch with international friends

In the days before the internet, people used to be pen pals to learn new languages. It’s like being from another planet for today’s kids, but the concept behind it stays the same. If you have international contacts, write to them in English and practice your writing skills.

Follow relevant YouTube channels

Learning English on your own can be a lonely experience. YouTube allows you to experience something similar to a classroom. There is an endless collection of videos with grammar, vocabulary exercises, sample conversations, and anything else you can think of to need.

Register for online classes

Lastly, you can study English online with a teacher for the extra push. Life sessions with a teacher offer benefits such as direct correction, a focus on common mistakes that you don’t recognize on your own, and how to deal with weaknesses and how to overcome them. If you book lessons in an official school, you will also receive a certificate to prove your level of English – this is useful, for example, for applications for jobs or studying at a university.

It is important to make sure that the language teacher or school you choose is experienced and well established. If you’re trying to learn English online, a quick Google search for online English lessons brings you tens of pages. Unfortunately, there are many scam websites that claim to offer classes from professional teachers. Choosing the right online English lessons can make all the difference in your progress and certification worth.

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