7 Study techniques to accelerate English learning

7 Study techniques to accelerate English learning

Learning another language is already considered a basic need today, both from a personal and professional perspective. Therefore, it is important to diversify the study techniques to make the process feasible and accelerate.

In the global context, English is the language that most facilitates communication between different peoples and cultures, being relevant, especially, for the professional career. In view of this, it is worth investing in resources that help bring it into our daily lives.

In today’s post, you will learn some study techniques used to accelerate English language learning. Read our material below and start putting the tips into practice now!

Watching movies and series

This is a well-known method and, in fact, can be quite efficient. Even more nowadays, with the great diversity of films and series that we have access to, learning English has become much easier.

At first, it can be a little difficult to understand everything the characters are talking about. So, until you can understand better, you can add subtitles to read and listen to at the same time – with practice, only with listening will you be able to understand the dialogues.

The advantage of the series is that you can watch just one episode a day and gradually become familiar with the story. If you prefer movies to series, you will need a little more time available.

But, even so, try not to leave this task aside, as it can contribute a lot to your English!


Listening to music

If the idea is to learn another language, the more contact you have with it, the better.

Therefore, finding songs that you like in the new language will also help extend your vocabulary and learn some pronunciation.

But this mission must really be seen as a study technique. This means that it is useless to get songs with lyrics that you already know or that do not add so much to your learning.

To make it count, the ideal is to find pleasant songs, but that you do not know the words, to be able to learn new terms.

In the beginning, it is good to read the lyrics and research the unknown words to understand the meanings – after that, you will be able to practice pronunciation with singing!


Invest in classes or conversation groups

Anyone who already has a basic understanding of English should invest in conversation methods, especially grammar and vocabulary.

In fact, this is a “failure” that many people make: they know how to understand, but cannot speak.

And this can make it difficult for students to communicate at crucial moments, such as at a job interview. Therefore, it is essential to learn to “unfold” the speech by practicing, making mistakes, and learning more.

Classes focused on conversation are a great opportunity for this, but the interested person can also look for other means, such as groups at work or on the internet, and even arrange periodic meetings with friends to chat in English only.


Read books in English

Reading an entire book in another language may seem very difficult at first, but it is just a matter of habit. The tip is to start with smaller titles, with less complex vocabularies, and evolve little by little.

Another piece of advice is not to stop with every unknown word, which can impede reading flow and cause you to get tired of the activity quickly.

Look for the meaning only if you realize that its meaning is fundamental to the understanding of the story, otherwise, proceed with the reading and try to understand the general context.

In addition to greatly enriching the vocabulary, this technique will help you write better in English, as you will be attentive to the formation of phrases and the use of different terms.

If you prefer, another option is to download the audio from the book and listen to it along with the reading. This way, you can train your ear and, at the same time, the correct pronunciation of words.


Change the language of your devices

If the intention is to bring the new language into your routine, a good tip is to change your electronic devices’ language so that you learn new words and get used to the translated commands.

With that in mind, program your computer, GPS, smartphone, tablet, television, and all your other equipment into English. Also, look for applications that may be useful at this time.

This will further improve your level of understanding and your vocabulary. Just be careful not to misconfigure everything – when in doubt, it is best to look for the meaning of the word!

Make notes

The act of writing is still a very useful technique to stimulate memorization and learning. For this reason, many people create lists, tables, summaries, flowcharts, among other materials, to store important information.

In the case of a new language, it is worth noting the most difficult words for you, so that you can revise them whenever necessary.

You can write the words on paper (or even on your cell phone) and, daily, take the time to review the terms, repeating the study until you absorb them better.


Finally, one of the best ways to increase knowledge in English is to travel to an English-speaking country. Thus, you will be able to experience a daily experience with the language.

Keep in mind that everyday situations pose many challenges that greatly favor learning.

And even if you don’t have the opportunity to take a trip right now, try to prioritize cultural exchange as one of your goals. Certainly, this type of experience will go a long way towards mastering the language!

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