How important is reading in personal growth

How important is reading in personal growth

Many people who finish their secondary or university studies close that stage in their lives by putting an end to everything related to learning, in terms of courses or studies of some kind; giving up in some way, their own personal growth. Much of this situation can be understood more easily if we observe that there are not a few who study out of obligation.

However, for the development of personal growth and positive thinking, thinking that we have nothing else to learn even though we have completed a 7-year degree with a degree, denotes great arrogance, and on the other hand, it is not the smartest decision to make.

Why? Simple, carry out personal growth linked to positive thinking. It can be a combination that brings you many satisfactions and success in different areas of your life; But to do so, it is necessary to have a broad mind that will allow you to continue advancing.


Having a degree offers you specific knowledge and training on a subject; But, do not forget that everything changes and that it is always convenient to recycle or update. This can be done through courses, but also through reading.

It is not possible to feel that you are at the forefront if you have stuck with what you were taught more than 15 years ago when you finished your university studies.

Reading does not involve a significant investment; but instead, it can offer you another vision about the same topic, it can also leave you new teachings and enrich your vocabulary among other things.

All aspects are useful when it comes to maximizing your personal growth and positive thinking.


Today there are multiple ways to access free and excellent quality content to obtain the information you need through reading. Many people turn to self-help material when encountering problems that are difficult to solve.

On the other hand, studying on your own initiative, either because you need to improve yourself or because you have suddenly discovered that you have to inform yourself about a topic or because you have found a course or hobby that you want to learn, is not the same as studying out of obligation.

Motivation is different, and that is where the keys to the change you are looking for in terms of achieving greater personal growth and positive thinking lie.


The need to instruct

 Life is a path full of constant learning, that is what personal development is about whether we intend to learn or not; It is inevitable to do so, since each situation brings a lesson. Therefore, practicing reading assiduously can make it easier for us to interpret situations. The reading comprehension exercises influence how to respect. These can be taken to understand what is read, but although we may not realize it, we also exercise this understanding every time we read something.

There is no possible way to obtain personal development if we stagnate, diversity is in variety, and one way to access it is through learning through reading.

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