7 benefits of reading

7 benefits of reading

In addition, on a physiological level, it has been shown that those who actively read are capable of increasing the connectivity of their neurons.

Meanwhile, on an emotional level, it has been shown that reading – mainly fiction – increases our ability to simulate the mental state of others and to feel more empathy and understanding for others.

There are many benefits to the habit of reading. We are going to review only 7, but enough to encourage you to always have a good book at hand.

Reading is a source of experiences

Reading allows you to live new experiences. How? It is very simple, especially fiction literature has a great emotional effect on the reader, since it is capable of feeling emotions that might take decades to discover, and it helps you feel empathy for the characters with whom you identify throughout the course.

A new point of view

But, in addition to that, literature is itself a great simulator of reality. It is like a time machine that suddenly takes you to different situations and times with its particular characteristics and characters. This helps us be kinder to others because it teaches us to see the world from others’ perspectives and consider the consequences of our actions for others. It also shows us the simplicity of virtues such as kindness, generosity, and sympathy.

Interpret reality

Good literature has always been in opposition to hegemonic value systems, those that only prioritize the search for money and power. Writers line up on the opposite shore to this world view.

In this way, reading is a more than effective vehicle for interpreting the reality that surrounds us. Books help us sympathize with ideas and feelings that run counter to the world’s cynicism and hypocrisy.

Ally against loneliness

Reading is a cure for loneliness. In good books, we can find characters with whom we can identify, and with them, we discover the whole world that is described throughout the narrative.

When the book is interesting, it attracts all our attention, and loneliness simply disappears because the book becomes our best friend and companion.

See beyond

Writers help us open our hearts and minds, because they give them the tools to get rid of the paranoia and the feeling of persecution that often invades us. Reading thus becomes an escape route for those situations that sometimes overwhelm us.

A tool to cope with failure

I want to add that the literature is also very useful because it helps us better prepare for failure. Nobody wants to fail in life, but in reading, you will find tools that will allow you to recognize that failure exists and that it can be overcome to make you stronger and finally achieve the success you want.

Reading has no age

And most importantly, reading is a good habit for everyone because the benefits I mentioned before are the same regardless of the reader’s age or condition. It is clear that each age has its own preferences and needs, but the results are the same for all.

I want you to think of literature as an elixir that exists to help us live with a little more wisdom and goodness, so it doesn’t matter when or where. If you have the opportunity to read a good book, do not despise it, this is my final advice.

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