5 reasons why English is important for your professional training

5 reasons why English is important for your professional training

Without having a good level of English, on many occasions, a large number of job offers can be lost since a minimum knowledge of the language is required, although the requirement to handle a second language depends on the position and the profile that the company is looking, learning a new language is still important if you want to grow as a professional, get better job opportunities and be an attractive candidate for companies.

  1. The importance of English worldwide: In a world as connected and interactive as the one we live in today, English’s importance is undeniable even without being the most widely spoken language in the world.

If we look at the professional field, we see that English is spoken and read in the most important areas of working life: economy, industrial, business, international trade, health, hospitality, and tourism, among others.

There are English courses abroad that help to learn the technicalities of work environments and the most common expressions.

If you have a good level of English, your chances increase when looking for work and getting certain opportunities.

  1. It is an essential tool for your professional career: In a world as globalized as ours, in which both large-scale intercontinental relationships and small-scale interpersonal relationships acquire more and more value, since it is a diplomatic language.

At the work level, several languages’ command ​​is essential to have a more fruitful professional career. Due to companies’ increased presence in other countries and the growing migration of workers, large companies prefer to have multicultural and polyglot work teams made up of people from different countries and cultures.

  1. English, an essential requirement for most jobs: Among all languages, English is undoubtedly the most demanded as it is the second language spoken by more than a billion people. Therefore, if you want to work abroad or if you are looking for work in your country, you must be aware of the importance of English and do everything possible to achieve a good level of comprehension and expression, both oral and written.

Immersing yourself in an atmosphere of total English 24 hours a day makes you change the chip and take away the fears that we all usually have when it comes to speaking English.

  1. Learning English increases your chances of promotion: It should be noted that English serves to access a greater number of job offers and allows you to improve your situation or aspire to more important positions.
  1. The current labor market requires languages: A good training is the best bet to meet the objective of entering the world of work and, if within your training you do not contemplate learning English as a priority objective, sooner or later you may find yourself with difficulties of any kind.

It would be ideal for all people, regardless of profile or position, to learn several languages, because in a globalized world like today, where jobs are increasingly international, regardless of the sector, the mother tongue is not enough.

At Learn English we help you fulfill this dream.


We have programs for young people and adults in which interaction, participation and the experience of real life prevail. Likewise, the academic area tracks each student individually, thus providing effective learning according to their abilities, personalizing your process.

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