See here the benefits of reading and start practicing it as soon as possible

See here the benefits of reading and start practicing it as soon as possible

Through reading, it is possible to open new opportunities both in personal life and in career. Reading is an activity that brings countless benefits, because, in addition to stimulating creativity, it expands the vocabulary and knowledge of those who read.

Unfortunately, the latest survey revealed that the average American annual reading is four books, including didactics. While in countries like France, the average is 15 per citizen. That is, there are ten more books per person in a year.

These data raise a discussion about the policies to encourage reading and culture in general that are implemented in the country. Or perhaps, the lack of them.

Lack of time is the main excuse used by people who do not have the habit of reading, thinking about it, we have separated 5 benefits of regular reading, which will certainly motivate you to develop this habit.

Come on?

Decreases stress

It is scientifically proven that reading is a relaxing activity, and that it reduces stress levels. That is why reading before bed helps us to fall asleep more easily.

Despite all the problems you may have in your daily life, everything seems more distant when you read a good story.

Expands your vocabulary

It’s inevitable. The more you practice reading, the greater your contact with new words and, consequently, will add them to your daily life. Both when writing, how to speak, being confident, and being well articulated with words, are fundamental characteristics for all types of work.

Improves the ability to concentrate and memorize

Reading is a great way to train your concentration. This happens, because when you read, you end up forcing your mind not to deviate from focus so as not to lose your reasoning. For people who have difficulty concentrating, reading is a great way to exercise this skill.

Another benefit of reading is the memory capacity that the reader develops. Memory is stimulated at all times during the narrative, mainly because it challenges the reader to have to remember the main aspects of the story, the names of the characters, places, etc.

Develops your critical thinking

When reading becomes a habit, you can talk about books easily, as well as evaluate them. Say if it was well written, if the characters are well developed in the story, or even if the chronology is correct. In discussions with other readers, you can give your opinion more clearly and with more confidence.

Reading and accessing various content expands your knowledge by providing you with a new view on a certain subject. And the more knowledge you have on a topic, it will inevitably become more critical as well.

Keeps the brain active

We know that the brain is a muscle, and because it is in need of constant stimuli and exercises to stay strong and healthy. Keeping the brain active through reading, games, or word searches, for example, prevents loss of strength and decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 30%.

There are still thousands of other benefits that reading can bring us. Do not stop! Take a book now and enjoy it all. “The mind that opens up to a new idea will never return to its original state – Albert Einstein.”

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