As your vocabulary grows, Beeblio grows with you!

Beeblio is the best place to get your vocabulary improved. Beeblio makes use of the most intelligent dictionaries in the world with innovative research that allows you to easily learn new words. Beeblio is a lifelong learning network that goes every step of the way with you. As you improve, your learning becomes more advanced and you can always look back to see how far you are coming with our easy-to-use progress monitoring tools.

What are you doing to improve your vocabulary?

With Beeblio, you will learn individually the words you want to know in order to read better, write more easily, and think sharp. The Dashboard offers you helpful insights to target the words that need further instructions.

Who loves Beeblio?

  • Students Beeblio¬†will help, whether you research tomorrow’s problem, plan for the satellite system, or are trying to write more eloquently.
  • Educators Allow your students to tackle the texts they face in the classroom and give them a vocabulary that opens doors for a lifetime.
  • Everyone You do not have to be in school in order to use Beebl.io. Millions of people are playing, learning new words, and competing for fun. It’s time to say something to Candy Crush that makes you sound smarter than dumb.
  • Fast Company Magazine

How Beeblio Works

Beeblio may seem simple at the outside, but we use sophisticated algorithms behind the scenes to make it easier to learn and improve your vocabulary.


Enter the text or URL

Beeblio allows you (the user) to provide some text content on the URL


Filter out of the text

The application will then filters from the provided text the most frequent terms of the language


Get the results

The displayed text will contain links to online sources for you to be able to learn more about the terms resulting from the filter.

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